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Finding the cutting edge in Asia

01 September 2008

Alexander R. Malaket explores some of the preliminary developments in the state of trade and supply chain finance in the Asia-Pacific region.

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The global balance of economic power is shifting, and the Asia-Pacific region is one of the major points to which power is shifting, and from which increasing economic influence now emanates. The region is rife with creative energy and innovative spirit. Trade, and the finance of international trade, is an area where the Asia-Pacific region can lead, and supply chain finance is the most potentially transformational opportunity available to enable that leadership.

Supply chain finance: next-generation trade finance?

Supply chain finance (SCF) continues to garner interest and investment across the globe, as trade financiers and their clients continue to debate the nature and viability of supply chain finance as an evolution of traditional trade finance products and services.

Senior bankers still comment that definitions of SCF vary, and some continue to debate whether SCF is anything more than the repackaging and technology-enablement of basic financing solutions. At the other end...

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